Our NEW Store!

check out www.gtkyf.media/shop/ for program, platform, and project related t- shirts, mugs and more. Also purchase brochures, literature, and more. Our very own store, with the proceeds supporting our ongoing efforts.

Now, across the organization wide you can shop for all things related to GTKYF Foundation Inc and ALL OF OUR MANY PROGRAMS! All in one central place! And with every purchase you will know your dollars are going to help u continue on our mission as it relates to farms, food, families, and freedom. Helping us be the change we want to see in our world, building strong LOCAL economies, and taking back the internet for we the people! Just to name a few of the massive projects and goals we are striving for in 2020.


Our GTKYF TECH GROUP has been very busy taking the internet back and building alternative platforms to the big players and powers that be in this current internet driven world. Make sure to check them out TODAY!