Hey or Hay…?

Hey or Hay…?

a farmer’s play on words…

so let’s get this wagon moving…

Ethan The Farmer Introduction August 2021

Over the years of my life, many of you have asked me for a site that is about me, my life, how I got here, and what I’m doing…

Ethan The Farmer
Here is a selfie of Ethan The Farmer

So, I decided to create this site to talk about these things, as well as my thoughts, “the journal and blog” about what’s going on in this world and my life.

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“How many people does it take to change this world?

Just one more…


Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF FOUNDATION INC

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One way to do that is to take our “Big Give Challenge” click here to learn more and take the Challenge TODAY!