Will you support this effort?

Doing all of this takes a ton of resources. GTKYF Foundation Inc and I rely on your generous donations to keep this whole thing flying. On a serious note, I am asking for your commitment to donate and help support what the organization and I are doing to effect change in this world as we know it. Will you join me in taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom?


“There will always be more need then there is resources”

-Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc.

As I continue down this road in faith that my personal needs are met, and that those of the greater organization are covered.

I want each of you to consider donating, even if it’s just a dollar a month. A dollar shows us that “yes… you are behind us,” be it in the small ways you can.

We have a lot of exciting things in store in the future, and as we continue to GROW and reach more and more people the financial burdens become even greater.

But as this is what I believe I was put here for, and called to do, I believe that you will stand with me and show your support.

For Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom!

You can DONATE directly at www.paypal.me/GTKYF or www.donate.gtkyf.org anytime. or call the main office and they can take your donation by phone. At 814-429-3276, that’s 814-429-FARM. We also have ways to accept cryptocurrency in many cases and are happy to discuss with you.