What I believe…

At the core of everyone’s existence is their beliefs. What someone believes, why, and how they choose to follow those beliefs have a direct implication on their day to day lives. That being said, I thought a discussion on what I believe, why and how I choose to implement those beliefs was in order. This page is a work in progress and is not intended to be all inclusive.  Many aspects will end up needing their very own page to clarify and explain the aspects as they relate to who I am, why I am doing what I am, and how that effects my day to day life.

From a basic religious stance:

I am a christian. Now, that being said while I have staunch views when it comes to conventional christian values, I DO NOT condone most if not all of the hypocritical and completely counter productive actions and beliefs of many if not most Christians in America and around the world today. Christianity was never intended to be a business, a production, or justification for harming or judging others. I will write more on this topic at some point. Feel free to check out or read my articles “Sermons from the Homestead” for more understanding as to where I’m coming from. GTKYF Foundation Inc and all of the Programs and Projects are 100% NOT religious based, and not subject to any such Christianity stance.  I will write some more articles and information regarding this topic as time allows.

Other Core Beliefs of Mine:

  • Freedom
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability for our elected and employed governmental people
  • Being a voice for the voiceless