You have to Stand for Something…

In this day and age,

If you are passionate and take a stand for something there are those who will actively attack you on many fronts.

As I have taken a staunch stand against many aspects of our society that those in power are not happy with my speaking out.  Over the years I have developed some enemies, and some active trolls. While I am far from perfect, I give this life and all that I do 100 percent.  Many of the ongoing attacks originated via those who could not or would not accept the fact that I would not just lay down and die. Like the cops who have targeted me over and over again, the corporate people I have targeted, and even those in goverment. I have always been a fighter and stood for what I believed was right. Regardless of the consequences.


“You Have enemies, Good. That means You Stood up for something,sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill


If you have a question or would like to hear my side of whatever someone is talking negatively feel free to contact me and ask me… I will ALWAYS answer and state my side of the story.  I’m not interested in hiding anything.  Even as a teen I was involved in speaking to churches about the system I was a part of (foster care / CPS -Child Protective Services), and I always invited them to ask anything and everything.  I don’t hide behind a fake name or a partial story. I will lay it out there just like it is. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. It’s all a part of life and plays a part in all of our lives.  It has helped create who I am today, my beliefs, and what I have devoted my life to – full time.

When You put yourself out there Like I have over all these years, You will become a target by many. That will never stop me from speaking my heart and speaking for those who cannot or will not. The life I have lived has given me the tenacity, determination, desire, and courage to climb the mountains I now move for others. One shovel time at a time. Until all of our farms, food, families, and freedom are preserved, protected and taken back for the generations to come. For your children and mine.

Having been involved in literately 100’s of businesses and deals not everyone is happy at the end of the day. But, the majority are thrilled. Not to mention, as I look back I can say that I did the very best with what I was given and tried to be as fair as possible even when it cost me dearly. In general life is not fair. When you strive to do as much as you can possibly do, some people are going to be upset with the who, what, when, how, or why you did what you did…

If you are someone that feels what I have done or did wronged you – I want to say, “I’m truly Sorry”. If you desire to have a constructive conversation about that – feel free to EMAIL me here. My intentions are NOT to harm others, but in the effort of holding the system, be it corporate America, goverment, law enforcement, organized religion or other – sometimes peoples toes and feelings get wounded.   I’m sorry and desire to move forward, making a difference as we strive to be the change we want to see in our world.