What’s Happening August 2021

As most of you know that we left the great state of Louisiana around the middle of July. Turning over the “Hackberry Relief Project” to some of the locals with our efforts to help manage from afar. We traveled close to 600 miles north to try and assist a small struggling new nonprofit that needed help. After two weeks of spinning our wheels, the volunteer crew left me. So, in typical Ethan The Farmer fashion I punted… Or as some who read my posts said online “You always find a way.”

Well, this time the way came in from a very long distance and from someone I had never met face to face. It came in two parts and was a real blessing that one could never have actually expected. In September 2020, on my first trip to the great metropolis of HackBerry Louisiana, I met an awesome man named “Kingsley”. Not only was he there with the right motives, had the work ethic he learned in the military, but he was willing to put in the hours to help truly make a difference in that community’s lives.

When I was literally stranded in Arkansas due to the crew abandoning and the group we went there to help frankly not a workable situation. Kingsley and one of his friends came through. They drove all the way from North Carolina to me in Ash Flats / Cherokee Villiage Arkansas. Sixteen Hours driving, to help me load up all the gear. Then drive one of our vehicles while I drove the Tiny house 200 miles to the north. They stayed for the night, roughing it sleeping in their vehicle, and then drove back to North Carolina. What a tremendous heart to help others and serve in any way they are needed. On top of all that, they turned around just a week later and went to Hackberry with several more guys and helped roof and those in Hackberry Louisiana. Roofing in the heat is no joke. I can relate as I did 14 roofs in 14 days in one stretch while I was down in hackberry.

Now, the second part of this story. Several months ago I met a lady online named Rachel. She is from a “Plain” background. That meaning from an Amish or Mennonite raising. She was in the process of setting up a Nonprofit to address the issues of pedophiles and sexual abuse in the plain communities. The issues as to how the victims are treated, and the fact that the churches actively work to cover up what is going on. As well as the system’s refusal to address these offenders. She set up an “Amish Rescue Mission”. Through my working with her on this, I met a man named “Eli” who is also ex-Amish. He had said we should meet up when I come through Missouri where he lived. So, I met with him and got to park my rig and gear at his place for a week. What a blessing.

So, now we are up to a week plus or so ago. That’s when things got past real interesting. Make sure to follow my journal for the next installment of this “endeavor”.

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