Hey there! Did you know our organization has a whole group that is related to CBD? Well, we do. From our early days related to saving family farms to today, we have always been staunch supporters of natural and sustainable agriculture. If you think about it CBD is derived from hemp. Hemp has a tremendous potential to help our planet and society in many ways. From the fact that it way out-produces traditional trees for fiber to be used in toilet paper and even regular paper. To the fact that it can be used to make biodegradable plastic. (helping keep the petroleum plastic out of our environment. It is a core crop in regenerative agriculture. Farming with nature. NOT against it.

Because of our founder, Ethan the Farmer, and his continued commitment to providing positive solutions and answers to the things he sees wrong in our world. Instead of just always bashing things in a negative way. But instead providing positive alternatives. He along with others in the organization developed our CBD Program.

Make sure to check out that site and our continued efforts related to CBD and how it relates to our world.

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