August 2021 part two

August 2021 Part Two

Ok, so now that you read the first part you know how and why I got to the great state of Missouri. Or was that misery? A friend from Alabama, (that is going to come and help work with the organization full time) came up to help me with the rig, and critters. So maybe I could halfway do what the doctors ordered to deal with the sores that are all over my body. These sores are a direct result of my volunteer work in Hackberry Louisiana.

WhileI was in Hackberry Louisiana volunteering with the “Hackberry Relief Project”, I contracted “Staph” also was called “mersa” and some of the medical folks referred to it as “Flesh-eating bacteria”. When I was working on a house sewer, that was broken when the house shifted from the hurricane laura, I was under the house wearing a tyvex suit and covered from head to toe. As there was a mix of marsh water and raw sewage that had been accumulating for many months since the storm. I put my knee down and something in the muck poked a hole in the suit and my right knee. Within 24 hours my right leg turned a funny color and hurt to walk at all. So, it was off to the Emergency room to find out what was going on.

At the Memorial Hospital, they put me on antibiotics and scraped the rotten stuff out of the initial wound. I went back several more times for additional treatments. After several weeks the issue appeared to be close to resolution and under control. then I got a sore on my right ankle. It just kinda appeared overnight. within a few days, I started seeing these sores everywhere. While some may have started as a simple bug bite, they all quickly became infected with puss. So, It was back to the ER, this time in Texas County Missouri. And they gave me different medications to try and control it. They also told me to “Stay off my feet”. Now if you know me you know that is next to impossible. And that is why this friend from Alabama came up to help me out.

Now we are just about to the major fiasco this all became. The friend’s simple mini-vacation turned into a major nightmare due to Walmart, the local law enforcement, and the state of Missouri social services department that refuse to even follow their own rules, state and/or federal law. Find out more in my next blog post. Make sure to follow my journal for up to date timely information. And to think we are only at the eighteenth of the month!

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