A Letter from 2015 addressing issues related to the homeless;

This is the letter I sent in the fall of 2015 (in Seattle Washington) to the director of the one organization I went to and reached out to for help as I struggled myself at that time:

Recently, at the request of some of my supporters I reached out to your organization in an effort to collaborate on and network with people in support of like minded aspects related to rights and social justice issues. Having been heavily invested in these aspects for quite some time – several of those that know me asked me if id reach out to your group. And so I did.

Not only was my experience disheartening to say the least, but based on my interactions with your gate keeper “Cole”, I am at a total loss as to what your organization actually doing? You see, I was told that they did not have time to meet or talk to me when I called this morning to determine the hours in which you operate. Then when I showed up it was evidently clear to me that “Cole” was rather annoyed that I had dared show my face. Clearly, your organization is way to busy and important to be bothered by the likes of me… being I look homeless and disheveled. .. kinda of ironic when that is who I was lead to believe you were advocates for. Or was I wrong?

I was under the impression your main focus was free speech and bringing to light the plight of the homeless. Now, be it that I am homeless at this point, I was not reaching out to your organization for assistance in any manor, other than to offer my skills and time in an effort to help others. Your organization not only slammed the door in my face but clearly felt annoyed that I did not just not show up when I was told not to.

As someone who cares deeply about several issues facing this society as a whole, free speech and the plight of the homeless just being the tip of the iceberg – I am at a loss as to why your organization would put barriers in the way of people getting involved? Many of the diverse people on the streets in every community would not have the were with all to challenge the actions that are intentionally pushing someone away…

Please let me know where we go from here at this point as I am clearly at a loss …



This Organization not only refused to respond, but never actually acknowledged me, my attempts, or even the fact that what they are doing runs contrary to waht they profess to be doing. This is what a lot of these so called homeless outreach organizations are actually about. Using the funds they receive to pay their executives, and NOT actually help those who they are suppose or claim to. Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we will NEVER act like this, and will strive to provide actual hands on assistance wherever we can. Our Resources are finite in their numbers, and there will always be more need than there is resources. that being said, we will still do our very best to assist all we can. You can donate to us HERE, and help us help even more people today!

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