About a unique pumpkin

Here is an article that I wrote and published on our My Victory Garden site. This article talks about a unique pumpkin…


Now as most of you know I’m pretty unique myself. I tend to stand out in the crowd I tend to be different. I don’t think being unique is a bad thing. I also enjoy growing things different then the average Supermarket Shelf. I also tend to eat and buy the vegetables that don’t quite look the same. It’s always been my school of thought that if the bugs will eat a tomato that’s probably better for me then the vegetables the bugs and flies won’t touch. I don’t know how many of you are gardening this spring, but putting your hands in the dirt and working with the soil and teaching the young people to do that is an awesome way to get back control of your local food. If you want help with that shoot me an e-mail. I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday evening. Good night


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