Accident along our travels today

So, while we were on our way to “Be the change – We want to see in our community and society” (Take the Challenge with us) we came across a nasty traffic jamb.  On Hwy 30 East Bound just east of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. While many people were very disgusted at the massive delays, this time gave us a moment to reflect on the finite amount of time each of us has on this planet. Never knowing when our time has come and we will go to meet our maker.  Making us reflect and consider if we are doing all we can to make this place a better place for everyone left behind? In the hurry and hussle bussle of today’s crazy fast paced society are we taking the time to do what we are charged to do? Help our brother and our sister? In a world that has gone crazy how many of us are so wrapped up in our own disaster of a life that we fail to lend a hand or take a minute to talk to someone?

The simple act of talking to others is almost lost with all this crazy technology . Many people look at you like your crazy in the story when you say hello… they treat you like you have some kinda sickness… all for making time to make that actual human connection and say hello.

Will You join with us and take a minute to say hello to a fellow human…?

It maybe just what they need to change their whole day!