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Recently, I received an email from a church that I had visited well over a few years ago. They somehow got it in their minds that I was a part of their VBS. Well, I happen to be an active part in the local community standing against those attacking the poor. So, I figured I’d respond with some clear food for thought for them.

Email from Community Bible Church

Email From Community Bible Church, in Marietta, Pennsylvania.

Now most of you that know me know I’m NOT one to preach or bash others religious views. But, I thought this was called for and I wrote what I believe. These views and statements are mine and NOT those of the organization or any program therein.

The Text of the Email I sent them:

Not sure why you sent this to me? I visited your church at one point, but after the pastor did not return my calls , or follow up as he had said he would when we met after the service in the little room. I got the clear message that your church is NOT a welcome place. A place that follows what is actual written in the bible. Seems you church is more concerned about appearances, and feeling good on Sunday. So that you can do whatever other things on Monday. While its not my job nor place to judge, I don’t have to participate in the “Feel Good Christianity”. Other than the little bit I shared with your preacher way back when i visited your church in the short 10 min conversation your church simple labeled me by my appearance. Judging a book by its cover.

Now, I’m normally one to hold my thoughts or censor my beliefs.So, I guess I will continue down that path this time as well.

I find it very interesting and frankly distressing that your church is in close proximity to a social disaster that is progressing through the early stages even as I write this. You see, the Borough of Columbia, (the close neighbor to your south) that I would dare call even your neighbor has engaged in a blatant attack on the poor and struggling in that community. In the name of greed. You see the local Government raised the property taxes (more than any other community in Pennsylvania) so that they could make a private loan. Incidentally a direct violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution. These actions have and are serving to penalize those who are struggling to keep their housing and feed their families.

As a christian we are charged to help those in need. We are also charged to speak and stand for what is moral, and for those who cannot. Yet I don’t see any of the churches taking action, or supporting these struggling people in your community. And just to clarify, I have and am taking active interest in helping those in need in that and many other communities. Lest you decide to take it upon yourselves to judge me for daring to speak out. The double speak that well are they Christians that this is happening to? or they just need to pray more? Is nothing more than an excuse for not lending a hand, an ear, or God forbid a dollar to actually make a positive difference in these peoples lives. It should not matter what religion or beliefs they have. It is not our job to judge these people. It is our mission to show them Love, Compassion, Empathy, and to Speak out against that which runs contrary to Jesus teachings and example. And No I’m not perfect, nor do I claim as such. Jesus was a radical, a nonconformist, the original activist in this world. We should strive to be the very best radical activist there is.

One such church member of another church I spoke to told me in no uncertain terms that it is the governments problem to help those in need, struggling, and dare I say homeless. I asked them where in the bible it says that we are to let the government care for others? I actually think it is the other way around. I believe it is our responsibility as Christians to care for our fellow man (and woman and children). I think a lot of the issues with the social safety network in our world can be taken right back to the fact that the church has become a business, a performance for Sunday, and no longer is the primary social safety network. I also believe that the type of churches you and many others are today is exactly what Jesus went after when he ran the temple merchants out with a whip. The fact that its more about the show for you and others is a serious issue. As well as making the church and Christianity a “business”.

So, I don’t expect you to do anything short of deleting this email and trying to write me off as another crazy zealot. I dont see it that way. I believe everything happens for a reason. Including you sending someone like me, the very person you ignored and pushed away from your elitist gathering an email. I had been praying and considering writing all of the churches in your community, and you just brought it to the front. To that, I say thank you.

Do what you will with this information. If you want to learn more about the group (that I have done my best to help, even though I live clear across the county) that is speaking out against this issue I would encourage you to google Columbia Concerned Citizens Association.

If you want to know who and why I think the way I do… (good luck, I don’t think many in this world understand how I think) you can visit I have committed my life, day in and day out to doing all I can to effect this world in a positive way that would be what I believe a Christian should. No matter the cost. (there is a whole series on “faith” on that site) Ive written many articles and will be publishing this as an article as well for the public to see and understand the issues with the hypocritical religious segment in our society. My goal is to make you aware and challenge you to think and consider what you are doing with your weekly events, yet turn your back on the struggling, the hurting, the destitute. I recognize I can not change your mind, actions, or behavior. It is only my job to plant the seed. The rest is up to him.

You can also feel free to respond or reply to this email.

Ethan Abbott

In closing, if you are religious, a christian, or ? Please take this time to consider the above thoughts. Please also remember these are my thoughts than do NOT represent those of the organization.

This is another edition of Farmers Thoughts for June 4th, 2019.

– Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc.

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