Buddy Check…

In this day and age we need to be ever mindful of each other.

I am doing a Brother check-in. Showing support for one another…I need SIX men to post, not share, this message to show you are always there if someone needs to talk. Pretty sure I know who will.
-Copies from a friend on Face Book

It is increasingly obvious that the powers that be are not looking out for each of us… so we ought to become “My Brothers (or Sisters) Keeper”. If you look around you and pay attention to all of the craziness that take place everyday in each of our communities, you will know why it is ever increasingly critical that we each take care of those around us.

Now many of you say, “I can’t, I don’t have any money to help others”. Well, we are not asking you to necessarily go about this monetarily. There are many ways you can help your fellow human. Stop by for a coffee, lend a hand with something they can’t do by themselves, or just pick up the phone and lend a listening ear. When someone feels isolated a listening ear may be all they need to get back on track.

Consider taking an active part in today’s world and becoming the change you want to see in your community and around the world. Make sure to check out THE BIG GIVE CHALLENGE. And take the challenge TODAY!


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