Days of Old –

During the travels and adventures of Ethan The Farmer, he has done a variety of adventures to keep himself alive. Here is the text from an series of ads he ran on the internet seeking somewhere and somehow to keep himself alive:

I am Seeking some sort of agricultural work – Here are some of my qualifications:

20+ years involved in various aspects of farming and ranching:
Experienced with:
>Cattle – Cow / calf – as well as grass / range fed beef and dairy
>Llamas / Alpacas
>Goats / Sheep
>poultry – Pastured / Free range and Battery cage raised

Commercial Vegetable / fruit production
Natural and Organic programs
Aquaponics / Hydroponics
Perma Culture
Bees / Apiary
Farmers Markets / CSA’s
Have taught workshops on sustainable agriculture

Off Grid Aspects:
Bio Digestors
Geo Thermal
Hydro Power
Solar / wind

Can repair equipment and operate all types of farm and construction machinery

have working dog – Aussie

willing to consider short term / start up projects as well.
Intentional communities are welcome
Willing to work for room and board / small stipend.
Depending on what is expected of me.
I do NOT drink, smoke, chew, or use MMJ – but don’t care if others do.
Hard working – goal oriented man
Please let me know what you have available – looking to move and get going for the 2015 season.
thank you



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