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Here at our parent organization – GTKYF Foundation Inc ( the one that I founded as the original Get To Know Your Farmer), We are involved in a ton of projects related to farms, food, families, and freedom.

One such project is our efforts as they relate to family court, child protective services (CPS / CYS aka Children and Youth Services) and our activities to target specific states, counties and even courts. By applying concentrated Efforts in specific areas coordinated to make them know that the world is watching and we know they are dirty… We are bring about change –  be it slow. Since our start int he family court / Administrative courts was In Colorado, we felt it was only appropriate to launch a website targeting them specifically.

Our mission is to hold family courts accountable…
Stay tuned for more on these and our other efforts:
So, please visit it and stay tuned for the continued efforts to address our out of control Government.

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