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Ethan the Farmer’s Thoughts and commentary on the above video:

In this video Ethan The Farmer  talks about respect and the evidence of a total lack of respect for others and our environment in our society and world today.  A lot of the issues in today’s world could be addressed if we all.would learn and show basic respect towards others, our community, and our planet / environment.  There is something to be said for these issues and why they are happening. The root of respect effects each one of us in our daily lives, and all those we touch throughout our day.  Many of the issues our society currently has can be directly traced back to the people or person responsible does not respect those that are effected by their actions.

When we talk about respect regrading the Homeless, the Disabled, the Farmers, or just about anyone else, one can see how the Lack of basic respect for someone leads the person who lacks the respect to not treat the person on the receiving end in an acceptable way. If someone is showing respect for a homeless person, as a actual true person, it will be evident by their respectful and inclusive actions.  Showing respect for a struggling mother with a bunch of children trying to get groceries might look like simple acknowledging her and her struggle. Or maybe opening the door for a person with a disability. Or showing respect for your local farmer and the current struggles they face by taking the time to get to know them and spend you money with them. All of these things are way you can demonstrate your basic respect for others you encounter in your day to day living of your life.

How bout taking the time ot pick up trash or litter you see in your day to day travels? showing some respect for the natural environment.  Or when you are out shopping using and being consciousness of what you buy that has less waste? Taking a reusable shopping bag with you on your shopping trip?  Not spraying the natural world with nasty chemicals that have a negative and show disrespect for the bees, insects, and all natural living plants and animals?

So, this is just some food for thoughts from Ethan The Farmer…

Why not go out and try to develop and show some respect for your world? It might surprise you how others react …!

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