So today we spent $379 at home depots competition 

So, as we told you the other day about Home Depot and their nasty behavior towards persons with disabilities and small time contractors. A case study is corporate America adn their lack of heart. Well, as an organization with our STEP Group, and Neighbors Helping Neighbors Programs we are making a conscious effort to “Vote with our wallet”. In the hopes that if enough of us do just that and VOTE with where we actual spend our monies, those in control of these large heartless, immoral and unethical companies will pay attention. If for no other reason than to save their back sides.

I read an article  the other day where Home Depot Laid off a bunch of people related to their efforts to be remodeling contractors doing kitchens and bathrooms in certain geographical areas due to it really not being as profitable as they had hoped…LOL. You mean even though they were the elephant in the room, they couldn’t make the profits they thought made it worth doing the work?  Now, that they clearly failed at what so many small contractors have used to scrape out a living, what happens to the marketplace where they put alot of those very small guys out of business? By blatantly competing with their small contractor customers? Who will suffer with the lack of skilled small contractors to do the work?


Not that Home Depot and its corporate thugs that run the “Installation services”. They not only are hostile to the small contractors, they threw their own employees under the bus in the process. They showed they have NO LOYALTY to anyone and will willingly cause harm to anyone in the name of a dollar. Check Out this Article about the harm they cause their OWN EMPLOYEES!  Home Depot is in fact very much LIKE and akin to the ever Hated “Walmart” that has ruined so many communities by choking out the competition, and killing the small businesses that have been the economic engines that made this country – America such an economic power house for all these years. Walmart destroyed the little “mom and pop” retail businesses and Home Depot is destroying the “mom and pop” small businesses that have provided property repair, remodel, construction, rehab, and service work for all these years. We have all witnessed the Walmart effect in the retail sector and the fact that they now dominate the retail landscape in alot of communities with over priced foreign made stuff.

Why do we – I mean all of us, You and me continue to support these greedy corporate thugs? Shouldn’t we hold them responsible for an economic war that they are engaging on each of us? and the generations to follow?

I would encourage each of you to “vote with your wallet” – and consider what these irresponsible cold hearted compassionless companies are willing to sacrifice in the name of greed and the almighty dollar…