On the road again…

In January 2019 I spent over 60 hours on the road in route to wake a difference.

Talk about some serious windshield time… as I travel the roads across this great country I often have a lot of time to think and consider things.  I guess you could call the windshield time my “quiet time”. I wonder how many of my readers spend alot of time behind the windshield and take that time to ponder the meaning of life as well?

In this country we spend a lot of time behind the wheel in general. Our energy costs are  low compared to most of the world. For the most part we have engaged in a concept of sprawling urban worlds and the ever so much urban creep towards the rural parts of our country. Not to mention the crazy concept that makes a lot of people work the corporate rat race. With everyone going to work at the same time, taking lunch at generally the same schedule, and going home after the same hours. And yes, even sitting in the very same traffic jamb as every other day. Even with many of the same people sitting right along with you that did even just yesterday.

Why is it that the “American Dream” as we know it has become where a FREE people are a slave to the rat race of this society? When our founding fathers founded this country did they ever dream that the average so called free person of our society would spend whole days in the coarse of a month, let alone year sitting in traffic? Didi they ever experience “carriage jambs”? Probably not. In fact I would venture to guess that they would consider those “free Persons” of today crazy for engaging in these repeated lessons in insanity. Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Why would a country founded by rebels be ok with this insanity as we live it today? Isn’t it time that each of us consider that when we participate in the corporate rat race we are contributing to the social craziness we all wish was not happening? How many people do you know who participate in the corporate madness a that are actually living out their passion?

“When Your passion becomes your vocation, you never work a  day in your life”

When you sit in traffic this coming work week, why not consider formulating a plan to get out of the rat race and start working for yourself, building wealth for your family and your community? Following your passion and putting an end to supporting the system that is causing the downfall of this great country. Then if we ever see that time machine and the founding fathers actually show up, they will see you as a successful shop keeper and small business owner.