A 3 possum night

Here it is second week in November, we missed the fall and went straight from Summer to Winter. Here in south central Pennsylvania. As I was doing chores this evening for the Ambassador livestock. I had the pleasure of running across not one but three possums in the barn. Now don’t panic, these animals are part of nature and normally I let them be unless they’re aggressive. these animals were content and scurrying away from me and playing dead or playing possum as some would say. Not even the animals and nature know what to do with our goofed up seasons. These little guys were just looking for a warm place to hang out and found our barn and the other Critters. I think they might have also been snacking on the cat food for the barn cats. But that’s okay we’ll share. Although I’d rather they hunt for rats and vermin, then eat the cat food that we buy. But at least nature is doing what nature does and the animals are trying to stay warm. Why is it the animals even have the sense to get out of the cold? And we’ve got humans in our government in the powers-that-be that don’t think the fellow humans should be given the opportunity to get out of the cold? It’s just something I wonder, as I observe an animals Natural Instincts to survive. Like the possums trying to stay warm and sheltered. Although the possums are somewhat like a human when they won’t hesitate take a free meal, for the most part they spend their time cleaning up the messes from the rest of nature. That’s just my thoughts for today and my experiences along the way. I hope you all stay warm and cozy tonight with your families and your pets and your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones you love them as often as you can. Have a great night. – Ethan the farmer