Sermon’s From the Homestead Disclosure


But first, I want to clear the air and make it VERY clear… These “Sermons from the Homestead” are NOT intended to be preaching in any way shape or form. But instead are to be a way in which I, Ethan The Farmer, the Founder of this organization and its programs can openly discuss my beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Many people have asked me about my beliefs and what has led me to walk the road I have.  I desire that these articles provide a way for you to open discussion and develop your own beliefs. I strive to NOT judge anyone (judge not that ye be not judged) and firmly believe against “bible thumping” those that don’t agree with me or others. Open conversation, discussion, and acceptance are a far better way to develop ones moral compass.  So many (including many so called Christians) do not have in this day and age.  If you disagree with me and can have an intelligent, peaceful discussion feel free to Email me and we can discuss. If you have ideas for topics or questions I should cover here feel free to email them as well. If you are not capable of remaining civil, then please save us both the stress aka drama and refrain from using these emails.

Also, PLEASE NOTE: The THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, and EVERYTHING discussed in these “Sermons From the HomeStead” are MINE (Ethan The Farmers) ALONE and NOT necessarily those of the Organization, GTKYF FOUNDATION INC, nor any of its programs or subsidiaries. Although my morals, ethics, and “deeply held beliefs” are what led to the creation and guiding principles of GTKYF FOUNDATION INC and its programs. GTKYF FOUNDATION INC and its programs are IN NO WAY RELIGIOUS or of any specific religion and therefore DO NOT DISCRIMINATE on the basis of RELIGION. NO FUNDS OF GTKYF FOUNDATION INC are used to promote these articles nor any other religious aspect or programs.  Thank You for Your Understanding and cooperation in these matters.

That being said…