Seven Secrets to Success – Nipsey Hussle

Now, most that know me know that i’m not one much for his kinda music, but more of a old school country music guy. But that being said, there is something to be said for the impact and beliefs he stood for. That alone makes him the kinda man I would support. I found these “Seven Secrets to Success” that are attributed to him and thought in his memory they ought to have been discussed and shared.

Nipsey Hussle’s 7 Secrets to Success:
1. Have Clear Vision
2. Create a plan
3. Do what you love
4. Never give up
5. Be willing to do whatever it takes
6. Be Your Own Boss
7. Success is a marathon

These are great and I believe his efforts to reach his LOCAL community and Build Strong Communities will have a lasting impact. It is a shame that people like him are taken via violence and not allowed to see the fruit of their efforts.  May his family and friends have comfort in this time and may he never be forgotten.


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