Who is Ethan The Farmer?

People ask me – what am I doing, and why am I creating these kinds of programs? Am I crazy for daring to dream and create an organization such as GTKYF Foundation Inc? Some would argue either way…

It’s not really about what I’m doing – it’s about what we are doing. My dream and work is creating a network, a movement that is bigger than one person and aims to address a lot of the problems that all of us experience because of runaway corrupt government and business interests.

We stand for the small family farmer. We actively support local family dairy farms, community gardens and other efforts to till the soil and enjoy natural food from simple and decentralized farming operations.

When milk prices threaten the dairy farmer – we’re there. (dairy wars) When eminent domain takes away farmland – we’re there. We are there reporting on what big agriculture is doing to our communities, and fighting for the rights of small farmers and agricultural businesses. That’s what keeps our quality of life better and maintains the old traditional ways of life that most of us realize are healthier and better than modern day factory farming.

Fighting for Families

Here’s another big part of what I’m involved in, and what our network has done to support local communities.

Powerful interests often seek to control us by messing with our families. A court bureaucracy can deny a parent’s right to see his or her children. Punitive courts can impose vast damages on ordinary citizens who will never have the ability to fully pay off all of their debts – debts that are based on some lawyer’s interpretation of a rule, policy, or ordinance.

We seek to shine light on the shady operators who are using their positions of power improperly – and systems that tear families apart, rather than building them up.

Families and Homes

Housing is another area where I find it’s vital to advocate for the common person.

I’ve been active with many different groups fighting foreclosure, and for fair treatment of the homeless, for that reason. Part of supporting our freedoms is to deal with the problem of homelessness – helping those who are down on their luck and can’t afford to comply with all the rules the government is throwing at them. We sometimes challenge aggressive CPS (CYS) departments that want to break up a family based on bad data or make an example of someone. And we want to fight fraudulent lenders who want to rip families out of their homes in order to serve their money agendas.


Freedom to assemble – freedom of speech – freedom of the press – do these freedoms mean anything to you?

They do to me. In all the time I’ve been walking downtown Washington, D.C. and traveling to other parts of the country, I’ve been keenly aware of how easy it is for common people to surrender their civil liberties and essential freedoms to a power-hungry government oligarchy.

This isn’t rocket science – it’s simple. Money in politics has structurally damaged our democracy, and getting back our freedoms is hard work – it requires a principled stand and continual effort.

This is some of what I’m doing as Ethan the Farmer and what our network through the organization I founded is doing to be an advocate for the farmers and the people – those who are not in lockstep with big corporate agendas. Get on board and help out! Become a part of something that isn’t just there to “rock the system” but also to enable a better way of life for all of us!

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