Yes I do still have a personal Face Book page… LOL

So as many of you seem to want to know…

I really do have an actual personal Face Book page…

Follow it – and keep up to speed on what I’m up to…

While I am often maxed out on the ability to accept new friends, you can always follow the page. I do my best to post current events, things that we are involved in, and even personal information that pertains to myself and my daily life.  A lot of the articles I re-post relate to our core topics of Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom.

I look forward to getting know each of you a little better.

In the next few months our very own social media platform will be live on our own sites. One of which is ( part of our  group) as well as several others that we will be announcing as they go live between now and the end of the year.


Are you looking for a FREE dating platform that is lifestyle specific? geared towards those who live with intensity and passion related to some of the topics we here at Farm Fresh Media org and our parent organization are consistently promoting? The very first of our relationship platform sites is up!

“For those that are passionate about the family farming lifestyle!”

Stay Tuned for more sites in our Relationship Group to come.

As always, please remember we rely on your donations to keep all of these programs, projects, and endeavors going. If you can DONATE TODAY!

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