Amen… but in this day and age are there any left?

Recently, while reading some Reddits, I ran across this article and thought it was especially interesting and should be discussed.  So here is the article, as I found it on Reddit:

Date someone who will sit down and say "let’s fix this" instead of being a child and ignoring you. from dating_advice


Now, for the Farmers Thoughts:

In our society today we have become a “throw away society”. whether it be our cars, to our phones, to our cloths, to even our relationships. This situation is out of hand. In previous generations, they were a “fix it and make do” mentality. Today, we just get rid of it and move on. These types of mindset and mentality has had a negative impact on many aspects of the world we live in. I’m going to cover just a few angles where I see these actions and thought processes negatively effecting our world:

  • Relationships:
    • Personal
    • Community
  • Environmental:
    • Cost to produce new goods vs repairing old
    • Massive impact from a stream of waste
    • Raw materials to produce all of the “new” stuff

In our world today we no longer demonstrate the value of loyalty or commitment in our close and personal relationships. When we have a disagreement, or a conflict even in the closest of personal relationships. we as a society are tuned to “run” or “move on” very few people are committed to working our their differences with those closest to them. Even in cases of Husband, Wife, Girl Friend, or Boy Friend. This type of behavior has led in part to a destruction of the family, and the strength that strong family cores gave to our local communities, and in turn our society.  Instead of sitting down and addressing, working through, and compromising on all parts for the benefit of the whole unit, we as a society are prone to “just trade it in”.  These type of actions are extremely destructive, and are a direct result of a world that lacks moral compass, or even basic problem solving skills. Even those in our circle tend to encourage us to “move on” instead of working together and growing together to build a strong foundation, on which a family and community can be built.

In our Communities, we tend to move up and move on as a society. When it is no longer convenient or maybe a s petty as our friends in the community are not the most popular. We have a tendency to ditch those friends and not want to fix or invest in those relational experiences. When a community is nothing but a competition for who has the newest, most popular circle of friends, it is my belief that it leads to a week society. One that lacks problem and dispute resolution skills. Instead of working to fix, repair, and build stronger these interpersonal relationships, we are constantly looking for a better one. No Commitment and no loyalty. And when the road is rough for any of us, not having Loyal, committed friends who are willing to work with us to build these strong friendships, it serves to make our journey that much harder.

Children who witness these types of flight and throw away relationships are pron to following the behavior that they have witnessed all of their lives. This serves to create a downward spiral and a whirlwind of a destructive relational community.  We need to be teaching the children, and event today’s throw away mentality adults a better way, a way to problem solve, repair and ultimately “fix” our relational communities.  This is a series of classes that should be thought in elementary middle and high school. Possibly even collage and mandatory adulting education, like how to read a bank statement, or balance a check book.

I will discuss the environmental aspects in another article – Click here to read it.

This is Farmer’s Thoughts, with Ethan The Farmer.

I want to encourage each of you to think of your disposable attitude. Are you willing to work to “fix” your relational community?

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