By Ethan The Farmer

By Ethan The Farmer

Many of you have asked for a concise location of information that I am involved in producing. As always you can find a large number of articles and information I am behind at my journal on this site HERE.

Here are links to the following series that I produce on a variety of platforms:

Farmer’s Thoughts with Ethan The Farmer

Sermon’s From The Homestead

The Constitution Series

Up and coming projects:

West, the Series:

Be On the lookout for a NEW Series in BOOK form coming 2021! I intend to release the first volume in this series in 2021. As I endeavor to rewrite my book that was lost in the fire of October 1st, 2015 in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. I plan to rewrite the 3300 pages of the original book into a series. If you are passionate about our country, history, and the current happenings of our world you won’t want to miss this series.

The Domestic Refuges Handbook:

This series I am involved in via my pen name of “Silence Do Good III” involves discussing the many aspects of living outside the system and being forced to become a refugee in your own country. The intention is for this to become a series as well going forward. Currently developing the website, and persona. Will provide more information as I am able to release it. Stay tuned.

The FEMA Games:

This Docu-Series is being produced in conjunction with GTKYF Media Group, and the “Hackberry Relief Project.” The objective of this series is to expose the corruption and rampant issues with FEMA (aka Federal Emergency Management Agency) in relation to disasters happening since Hurricane Katrina. As well as discuss their founding and how they have strayed from those founding principles. Many of the videos and photos are ones that EthanThe Farmer took while boots on the ground in southwest Louisiana. As well as his first-hand experiences dealing with dishonest and unethical state and federal employees. Don’t miss these exciting mini-documentaries in this series.