By Ethan The Farmer

Many of you have asked for a concise location of information that I am involved in producing:

Here are links to the following series that I produce on a variety of platforms:

Farmer’s Thoughts with Ethan The Farmer

Sermon’s From The Homestead

The Constitution Series

Up and coming projects:

West, the Series:

Be On the look out for a NEW Series in BOOK form coming Spring 2021! I intend to release the first volume in this series in the spring of 2021. As I endeavor to rewrite my book that was lost in the fire of October 1st 2015 in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. I plan to rewrite the 3300 pages of the original book into a series. If you are passionate about our country, history, and the current happenings of our world you wont want to miss this series.

The Domestic Refuges Handbook:

This Series I am involved in via my pen name of “Silence Do Good III” involves discussing the many aspects of living outside the system, and being forced to become a refugee in your own country. The intention is for this to become a series as well going forward. Currently developing the website, and persona. Will provide more information as I am able to release it. Stay tuned.