Isn’t threatening the president against the law?

SO, here we have a person that has been ever so vocal in their trollin g of us and our endeavors. Yet, they openly post threats against the president and seemingly get away with it?

Now, I don’t mush care for our current elected officials. Be it the president or many of the others on most levels. Nor have I been fond of the previous ones as well. But, openly advocating violence against the sitting president of the United States Of America – WOW! It appears as though this person has done this several times on their social media accounts, with zero repercussions…

How is this possible? Well, as far as I can tell its not LEGAL. But in my mind the only kinda person who could get away with something like this repeatedly with out any issues would be one of the goverment. In other words, a government agent posting this type of stuff as a blatant trap directed at those with seemingly similar feelings. Then use the information they get a s a means to entrap those individuals and prosecute them. Never mind that there are many laws outright against entrapment within our legal system. The fact that these types of posts are allowed to stay up, and that this seems to be an ongoing pattern tells me a lot. It also provides a very good explanation for why this person would attack and troll me… As I openly do NOT agree with the corrupt goverment. But I also do NOT condone violence like what he is promoting and discussing on his page.



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