This officer is the same one that was at the FIRE October 1st 2015
This is the same officer that was at the fire that I lived through in Blue Ball Pennsylvania.

On October 1st, 2015 the apartment building that I was renting a cheap room from burned. This officer in the above article was the first on the scene and is the one that prevented me from saving “Tay dog”. My Service Dog who died in the fire. This same officer threatened to arrest me if I did not calm down and stop trying to do all I could to get to her. I personally experienced this officers unprofessional behavior. When he was dispatched to the fire it was not for an actual fire but instead to “arrest me for repeatedly calling 911.” As the 911 dispatcher had refused to dispatch the fire department for 26 minutes. Instead repeatedly demanding that I tell her “what was on fire?” I did in fact file a formal complaint against him in the days after the fire. The department chief refused to take my complaints seriously, and did threaten me to NOT pursue said complaints. Maybe if they had taken the information seriously and actually investigated this man would not have been on the force to cause this harm to others.

Clearly there is a serious lack of judgement on his part as It has again been displayed through his actions. Is this really the kinda man we want protecting the small rural Lancaster County Community of East Earl?


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