A buggy full

Eariler today while I was in my travels this Amish Buggy pulled up next to where I was parked at a business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Now, that is not so odd, as here in Amish Country you have to dodge the buggies when you travel just about any where. But in this case I noted something odd…

“The Amish Family started piling out… one by one, till they had nine total! All piled in a regular sized Amish buggy!”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc.
Nine People in a buggy just like this!

So, we now have the Amish version of a clown car, from the circus where as many people as possible cram into a buggy and then all pile out at the destination. I wish I had made a video of this whole thing.

After they were done in the business, they all climbed back in…

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