Day 11 What am I thankful for:

I am thankful for the outgoing, tenacious, and loyal personality I was given. Without such a  personality I would not be able to do what I do and run the organization. I believe that each of us are given skills and traits that enable us to fulfill our purpose should we follow our passion instead of living a “normal life”. Those of you that know me know I live anything but a  normal life and have not all of my life.  I am grateful that the gifts I’ve been given are perfect for the tasks that I deal with on a daily basis.

Many people grow up fearful of their own shadow.  I grew up trying to ask my shadow questions… I’ve always been an inquisitive person that when I don’t know the answer, I set out to find it. This has proven very useful over the course of my life. As I have never been afraid to try something new and learn by the seat of my pants. This has provided for valuable lessons by trial and fire… But it has helped me create a self confidence where i am willing to approach anyone anywhere and strike up a conversation. Proving to be invaluable as an ambassador for farms, food, families, and freedom.  Even as a child I remember being called “motor mouth” by some of my family as I was always talking about something to someone. Stranger or anyone… I never learned to be shy… And for that I am Thankful.

Some people fault me for being too outgoing. But that is my personalty and nature and it wont change. I am sorry if it offends or turns some of you off… it is the way I was made.

I would challenge each of you to consider the gifts and traits you have developed or been given and how those relate to your passion. How are you thankful for them?

Ethan and Littles Selfi summer 2018