Dr. Harl Hargett

Unconditional love, compassion that knows no end, and an uncompromising faith… 

That’s Harl Hargett in a few words. 

Many of you are asking who is Harl Hargett and why should we donate to help him out in this time of need?

Harl is a man and a legend to many who for the last 40 years has dedicated his life to helping others.  He has helped those who were the outcasts of society and no one wanted. He has shown unconditional love and compassion to many many people. He has given his last $20 to allow someone else to eat. He has given hope to those who had none. He has lived out what he has preached, over and over again. 

And now, even though he would never ask for himself, he is in need of all of our help.  If you believe in the kinda life harl has lived and what he has done for so very many… I ask you to donate and help him recover from this sever illness, without the stress of how and where his Bill’s will be covered. 

Knowing Harl like I do, I know that his faith in his needs being met. That doesnt mean it’s not on his mind. And right now he needs to have his mind 100 percent on getting well. Not on paying the Bill’s. 

Men like Dr. Harl don’t exist in this day and age. But society needs them to believe in those who have no hope, to show love to the unlovable, to be the change they want to see in our world. 

Harl still has a job to do in this world. But right now he needs to get well without the stressors of finances. So, join me in supporting his financial needs today. 

Thank you