Home Depot or Home Despot?

When one thinks of corporate America one can hardly miss the big orange box, known as Home Depot. Over the last few years Home Depot has become more of a Home Despot… Putting their policies, corporate greed, and a total disdain for the little contractors that are basically forced to buy from them as it stands now. They are the Elephant in the room when it comes to building materials.  While they put on a face of community support, support for veterans, and working with contractors, the truth of the situation as we have uncovered is a lot more distressing.  Some of this we will cover our personal and organizational experiences dealing with them.

  • Disdain for customer service – Profits before satisfied customers:
  • Squeezing the small business contractor
    • competing against the little guy with their “installation” services
    • Hostility over returning or correcting the items that are not right on the order
    • Sabotaging project material deliveries to make the small contractor look bad and recruit the customer to their installation service.
  • Hassling Veterans over their “Veterans Discount” program
  • Blatant and Open violations of the American With Disabilities Act

We will be releasing articles, videos, podcasts, and interviews covering the above issues as well as some others. When the top down (district manager) refuses to follow through, communicate, and honor their commitments. You have a culture that allows a corporate giant to abuse those who live in their communities, with little or no recourse.

We have contacted Home Depot about all of the above situations – and they have declined to follow through on resolving or communicating with us towards resolution.


“we don’t need customers like you…”

– Amanda, Assistant General Manager, Lancaster, PA Home Depot, January 7, 2019

(In reference to a customers visible physical disabilities, asking questions as to why they have changed the policies and not let customers know)

When a company condones the open disdain for those who live life with issues that challenge their day to day world, they lack any type of empathy or care. That is what has brought us to this crossroads where we are writing this series. The general attitude from the top down at Home Depot is its not their problem. Even when calling, the customer service representatives refuse to listen factually to the customer. Going so far as to hang up on the customer when the customer requests a supervisor.  They lack basic training and the ability to listen and act accordingly.  They simply read a screen and recite the info as they see fit. Honesty, care, morals, and ethics play no part in their speech and response. Their goal is to shut you up and get you off the phone.

Stay tuned for more on these above topics and information. We will link the aspects in this article to the new ones as we release them. And we would encourage you to contact this company and let them know that the types of actions they are engaging in are totally unacceptable from a social community aspect.  Let us use the power of social justice and the court of public opinion to make these companies good members of our communities. Together we can make this a better place for all members of our community.

Their Social Media Pages include:

We would encourage each of you to post your thoughts on these issues we have written about Home Depot across their Social Media platforms – using social media to effect positive change.

If you have a story of Home Depot, good or bad – that you would like us to look into… Please feel free to Email Us HERE.

UPDATE from March 1st, 2019:

Here is a Video we made while trying to get HOME DEPOT to address these issues. As you can see from our attempts, and their continued refusal to resolve the issues. We were polite and stood our ground in an effort to address their continued behavior.


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