Please help those taking a stand in France 

We are getting reports Macron is starting to shut down the internet in a limited manner in order to quell communication. If you can get this to a website and create a link thank you. 

We must keep #France online so when authorities block Twitter, Facebook or other outlets, here is how u can go around the blockade.

Most of the time, your ISP automatically assigns a primary and secondary DNS server when your router or computer requests network information via DHCP. But what if those ISP-provided DNS servers aren’t working properly or “they” block certain sites?

Ways to connect when authorities block services:

* Unblock YouTube grants you access to any blocked web page –

* Web Proxy — is an intermediate point between your computer and the needed website. –

* Use ProxMate . This is a addons for webbrowser Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.  –

* DNS provider that is open and democratic –

* Android: Circumvent Internet restrictions with Tor -

* Android users-   


* Apple users –

* Google browser –

* Firefox users –

* List of DNS servers that can be used to avoid censorship –

* How Do I Change DNS Servers? –

* Tor Browser –

* What is the Tor Browser? –

In case it is needed: Dial up internet access VPN Jabber …

Alternate DNS –

Stay Anonymous-

General router DNS setup(recommended) –

Express VPN

Anonymity Script-

Secure your wifi-,2817,2409751,00.asp

Stop your internet provider from tracking you –

VPN GATE client for linux –


TOR Bridges-