Washington dc today…

Will you join me in Washington, dc today? Standing for families, and parental rights?

I’m here in Washington dc and headed down to speak with the powers that be on behalf of families, children, and freedom.

It is time we make our voices heard…

“Parental rights are human rights”

-Ethan The Farmer

We have an obligation to get involved and speak up for the future generations in this country. A strong family was and still should be one of the pillars of a strong community. Strong communities lead to strong local economics, and even a strong country. Over the last many years our judiciary has made it a point through the use of “Family Court” to weaken the family structure, and separate children from knowing or having both parents involved in their lives. Its NOT just divorces, but also the use of Child Protective Services ( aka Children and Youth Services) to undermine parental direct involvement and influence in a child’s life.

Here are a few videos from the “Family Matters March” we participated in while in Washington DC this time.

Farm Fresh Media at the Family Matters March, Washington DC May 3rd 2019

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