Why do I use social media

Many of you have asked why do I use Social Media? And how do I relate to the issues of Main Stream Media?

Well,  since I am full time activist / nonprofit organization director I deal with the continued effects of Main Stream Media. I don’t own a TV, I don’t go to movie theaters, (I do watch documentaries, and ted talks on my phone and haven’t been to a live comedy or other event in several years. I went and saw Steve Mcgrew years ago in Denver. And I think that is the last time I went to such an event. My primary focus on social media is to facilitate the organization and its programs. This day and age I couldn’t afford to go to a show anymore as all my resources are tied up in making a difference. “Taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom. Its time we get corporate money out of our government and bring back the forth branch of government – we the people!”

Social media is a tool to use to fight back. even thought today they censor us and a lot of our pages and information we put out.  The Organization I founded is actively working on the infrastructure and programing nessessarry to create our own social media platform. Devoid of the censorship, and political agenda we currently see by all of the big players in those circles. Stay tuned and follow this and our other sites to keep up to date with all of the many extensive projects we are a active part of on a daily basis.

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